Meet Our Pastor and Elders

Paul and Julie Fowler

Senior Pastor


Paul serves as Pastor of LifeChurch and recently celebrated twenty years of ministry with the Church.

He received a bachelor’s degree in communications from Concordia Lutheran University in 1991. He qualified for minors in English and Religious Studies.

His journey through the Old and New Testament in his second year of school prompted a profound life-change. In addition to his collegiate studies, Paul began a multi-year ministry training program through Redeemed Fellowship in Austin, Texas.

In 2012 Paul completed and received a Masters of Biblical Studies from Newburgh Seminary.

Paul interned with a lobbyist in downtown Austin and worked in telecom sales before full-time ministry began. He served as Pastor for Church of the Crossroads in Sharp, Texas before joining the fellowship that eventually became LifeChurch BCS.

He serves as the presiding elder at LifeChurch and handles the bulk of the teaching duties. Numerous trips to South America have cultivated his love for the people of Peru and missions in general.

In early 2020 Paul released the first book in a fictional series “Thrones of the Watchers”. This novel is the product of years of study in the Book of Genesis and ancient Jewish histories. The story of the Watchers, which has implications for the last days, was known to the early church but is not understood by modern audiences. 





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